Ready,set,GO…to Supermarket Day this Saturday!


Just this week, on Tuesday, the HoF Emergency Food Hamper Program distributed more food hampers than ever before in its 60 year history. A total of 278 households, ranging from individuals to families of 6 or more, visited the 807 Guelph Street location for emergency food assistance the day after Monday’s holiday. Unfortunately, this high level of demand is not an isolated anomaly but rather, a sign of the times. This past year, the Emergency Food Hamper Program saw a 16.8 per cent increase in demand, distributing a record 33, 154 food hampers, with demand still steady into 2010.

Now, more than ever, House of Friendship programs need your donations. With  this in mind, you can help  by, you guessed it, donating potatoes! Yes! Potatoes!

In Potato Blitz spirit we asked patrons of the program how important receiving potatoes in their hamper was to them. Here are some of their responses:

HoF volunteer hamper packer moves past the potato bin. This bin must be re-filled repeatedly throughout an average day at the Emergency Food Hamper Program.

“I can eat [potatoes] every day. They are good protein, with lots of vitamins, carbs and energy. For me, they are filling, and not getting them in my hamper makes a big difference for me.”
-single male patron

“We don’t use the program often, but when we do, I always need the potatoes. They are something I get when I go grocery shopping. They go further than other items in the hamper-3 mashed potatoes are more filling that a box of KD.”
-mother of family of four

“I always, always, need potatoes. They’re very important, my hamper doesn’t last as long without them.”
-single female patron

“They are high in potassium which is really important for my body.”
-female patron with liver disease

Why not plan your grocery shopping (and donating) around the House of Friendship’s Supermarket Potato Blitz this weekend!

Tomorrow, Saturday February 20th, between 10:00am and 3:00 pm volunteers from nine local churches will be at the doors of supermarkets across KW collecting potatoes and donations in support of  House of Friendship programs, such as the Emergency Food Hamper Program.

Supermarket Blitz 2009 Zehrs Beechwood

So, please, stop by our Blitz! You can donate your potatoes and/or cash at any of these locations:

Central Fresh Market
Zehrs – Beechwood
Zehrs – Pioneer Mall
Zehr’s – Glenridge Mall
Zehrs – Conestoga Mall
Zehrs – Stanley Park Mall
Food Basics – Fairway Rd
Sobeys – Columbia
Sobeys – Highland Rd.
Sobeys – Bridgeport Rd.
Sobeys – Weber & Northfield

Also, if you can’t make it this weekend, donations can be made at the Emergency Food Hamper Program, 807 Guelph St., Kitchener, (Mon.- Fri., 9am-4pm), at the Charles Street Men’s Hostel, 63 Charles St., E., Kitchener (anytime) or mailed to House of Friendship, PO Box 1837, Kitchener N2G 4R3.

Food for thought: How important are potatoes in your diet?

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