The Community Potato Lunch is just days away!


Throughout the past month people in our community have united for a common cause: potatoes. They have donated their time, money, and spuds and the House of Friendship is hosting a complimentary potato lunch to say thank you for all of the support and to celebrate as a community the success of the 2010 February Potato Blitz.

The free lunch will be held on Friday, February 26th, from 12 p.m to 1 p.m at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Kitchener. Donations will be gratefully accepted.

I spoke with Sandra (Food Services Coordinator) this morning, and got a sneak peek at some of the potato recipes her cooking team (Gwen, Walter, Kelly Daly, Mark and Claudia Francescutti and myself-so far) will be preparing on Friday morning:

-broccoli topped potatoes
-potato leek soup
-roasted red pepper soup

-potato cakes with salsa
-two kinds of chili-regular and vegetarian!

“Everyone works really hard to make the Potato Lunch a success- the cooks, the dining room people, and the clean-up crew. Also, if it weren’t for  Eby Village tenants there woudn’t be all the extras like veggie trays and buttered buns. Everyone’s out there on Friday in support and I’m just so glad because we couldn’t do it if we didn’t have the people that we do!”
-Sandra Wall,  HoF Food Services Coordinator

Kelly Daly from Home Depot & HoF Staff

 So come on out and enjoy the fruits of all that hard work !  We look forward to seeing anyone and everyone!

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