The Potato Blitz lives on through local children


Just because February is over, and the official House of Friendship Potato Blitz has wrapped up, doesn’t mean people can’t continue to donate potatoes! A great little story of a community doing just that comes to us from Riverside Public School in Elmira.

During the first week of March, Riverside held a Potato Blitz event in support of House of Friendship. Sarah Martin, a teacher at the school, and wife of House of Friendship staff member Taylor Martin, organized the Potato Blitz which received a fantastic response.

Sarah’s Grade 2/3 class loved the responsibility each morning of rounding up potatoes from the classrooms into a little red wagon and then counting them. The little troopers collected 122 bags of potatoes from their classmates, most of which were 10 pound bags! Overall, the students of Riverside Public School donated and collected 1,220 pounds of potatoes! Great job kids!

“It was fun to watch all of the little children carrying in bags of potatoes each morning. Many of them had them in their backpack, making it necessary to carry their lunch in their hands.”
-Sarah Martin

The potatoes were picked up by a driver from the Emergency Food hamper Program on Friday March 5th and were given to people in need of food assistance during the week of March 8th.

This was a great experience for everyone and we are hopeful that Riverside Public School’s Potato Blitz  will happen again next year! Thank you to everyone who took part!

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One Response to “The Potato Blitz lives on through local children”

  1. michele scott Says:

    We should have more cute children with red wagons doing fundraising for us! It’s just so cute… Who could resist….?

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