Giving more than food


When I think of a food bank, I generally think of a program that provides food for people who are in need. It doesn’t occur to me that there would be other programing for food assistance. However, our neighbours in Cambridge at The Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank have more than an emergency food program. It operates a food co-operative for individuals and families in low-income situations. Aside from providing a consistent source of groceries, it allows members to build skills, by letting them volunteer in different areas of the program; from the warehouse, to maintenance, or in administrative support.  These opportunities allow for personal growth in working with others and with the public; essential skills for many who are preparing to enter/re-enter the job market.

Then an article was recently circulated at work, talking about another way food banks can offer affordable staple foods. It gives the individual choice of what foods he or she would like to purchase, and it allows them to keep their dignity when having to access a food program because of their current circumstances.  This program is the first of  its kind in Canada.  Kudos to both organizations for thinking outside of the box!

Here is the link to read the article:

Regina Food Bank opens Village Market grocery store



2 Responses to “Giving more than food”

  1. Emily Says:

    Well that is a refreshing insight into the potential for more empowering food assistance resources!

  2. Melissa Brosowski Says:

    I love the idea of a village market. This gives people back a certain element of dignity to be able to purchase food for themselves instead of simply just being given what someone chooses.
    Wonderful idea – hopefullly more programs like this can start popping up!

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