We’ve all seen this happen at the grocery store…

Once in a while a grocery cart will go for an unexpected trip far away from home, possibly to never be returned. Unfortunately, this happened to our  program a few weeks ago,  one of our blue metal carts went missing. This isn’t the first time this has happened.  Sometimes our carts are found, but this one is currently missing.  Initially we had five metal carts, now we have four. The carts are important to the program because we use them to pack our patron’s hampers, to transport food and donations throughout the program.

If you see this cart wandering, please give us a call at 519-742-0662. No questions asked. We will come and pick it up.

our sad missing cart

On the same day that our blue cart went missing, a patron donated a flat bed cart. What timing! Although this cart was a little rough around the edges, made of wood and missing a top shelf , it was about to be given a new life by one of our staff members…

One of warehouse staff, Raymond, uses a lot of ingenuity when we are in need. For example, he has made our famous bun/bread bin you see in our lobby, and our new potato bins in the warehouse. Many of the supplies for these two projects were purchased, however, in the case of the cart, Raymond was able to make the necessary improvements with left over plywood, a strip of aluminum, nuts and bolts, screws, and two brackets. These materials have been donated over time to the program and are stored in secret location for possible future projects, like our new cart shown below. Even the tools used for this project were donated to us. Et voilà, here is the result of some hard work…

thank you eddie!

On the surface, “Eddie” the new cart may not seem so handsome, but, he performs well under the most hazardous road conditions.  More importantly, he gets the job done. He has been fondly named “Eddie”. I like to think of him as “Eddie the Super Cart”…   A mix of cutting edge technology meets a warm human heart.

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