Volunteer Spotlight – Lori McDonough


At the end of April, this volunteer’s confidence was impressive. Lori had her volunteer orientation.  Usually after the orientation, our volunteers come back on another day for their first full shift. However, Lori stayed, was trained on how to pack a food box  then  packed emergency food hampers for the rest of her shift. This is rare occurence, but none the less, amazing to see! She appeared to feel at home immediately. If we are short on volunteers Lori has come in, on a moment’s notice.  She is super hard working, easy going, and we are grateful to have her on our team. It’s hard to believe Lori’s only been here a month.

You recently started volunteering with EFHP. How did you hear about us?

“A friend of mine was working with United Way and she told me about the House of Friendship and what they do and provide for the community.”

Have you volunteered with any other organizations?

“I have volunteered for events (Jazz Festival) and at a public school teaching arts & crafts.”

Why is volunteering important to you?

“Volunteering gives me a sense of purpose in my life.  It gives me the opportunity to meet all kinds of people and interact with them.”

How has volunteering with us made and impact on your life?

I recently moved to KW, and I wanted to contribute to the community. I like having a place to go to twice a week where I am welcomed and treated as family.  Volunteering at the House of Friendship preparing food hampers is like getting a meal ready for friends and family!”

What are some of your hobbies and interests when you are not working here?

“I love to cook! So being around food makes me happy! I enjoy biking, gardening, and swimming.  I like to explore art galleries or any place that has interesting, creative items.”

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