School’s out for the summer!


Thanks to our friends at Service Canada, we are once again going to have the funding for two paid staff positions during the last half of the summer.  As a condition of the funding, we could only hire students who are returning to full time schooling in the fall, and who are under 30 years of age.  Each summer we benefit from their fresh perspective, insight and talent, and wish that we didn’t have to say goodbye when August comes to a close (and they have to go back to school).

This year we are pleased to welcome Lianna and Lucas!

What can they expect to do as a summer student at the Emergency Food Hamper Program?  Well, there will be a few thousand hampers that need packing, several tonnes of food to be sorted, a few thousand intakes to be conducted, and one or two special projects to be completed.

They’ll have a lot of help, of course, from our volunteers and staff, so they won’t have to go it alone and pack those thousands of hampers by themselves. By the end of the summer, they will likely be expert puzzle solvers as they fit lots of different food items together into small and odd sized hamper boxes.

Lianna has a lot of experience working for Habitat for Humanity, and Lucas has worked/volunteered with a few local nonprofits (including our friends at St. Johns) and entrepreneurial ventures exploring the potential of technology for nonprofits.

Look forward to many blog posts, over the coming weeks, from these two. We’re all really looking forward to working with them this summer.

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One Response to “School’s out for the summer!”

  1. Laura Ashfield Says:

    Lianna and Lucas…have an amazing time. I had that position last year and it’s the best summer job experience. You’ll learn lots. Have fun and enjoy!

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