Volunteer Spotlight – Daniel Kramer


Daniel is someone that takes the time to get to know the other volunteers and patrons. When he comes in to volunteer once a week, his enthusiam and willingness to help others never seems to waiver, which is awesome! Not to mention that he’s fun to work with. Daniel is a long time member of the community, and he has been involved in different capacities with House of Friendship over the years. I found out that he’s a craftsman who owned a shop for 30 years in the village of St. Jacobs. Although Daniel no longer has the storefront, he continues to create his fantastic and  intricate wheat weaving pieces from his home studio. Here is a sample of his work:

African Fringe - Daniel Kramer

How did you hear about the House of Friendship?

“I’ve known about House of Friendship my whole life (I’m 55). When I was at college in the 70s, I did a placement with House of Friendship mostly in areas of counselling, but also did some delivering of food hampers, etc. I heard from Tony Bender specifically about the Emergency Food Hamper Program.”

How long have you volunteered with our program?

“I started fall 2009.”

Are there any other programs that you volunteer or have volunteered with?

“When my daughter was younger we used to take a day and deliver food hampers through the Christmas Food Hamper Program. I do some volunteering at my church, Waterloo North Mennonite.

How has volunteering made an impact in your life?

“I have been fortunate to be on the receiving end of generous peoples’ help, so I have a desire to give back. I have really enjoyed meeting other volunteers, staff, and the people who need help from House of Friendship. There is joy in getting to know others.”

What kinds of activities or hobbies do you enjoy when you aren’t working or volunteering?”

“I am an avid gardener – I love to get my hands in the dirt, play with rocks and experiment with all the possibilities the plant world offers. I play guitar in a rock/blues band with the same guys I went to high school with. I enjoy birding, hiking, and camping.”

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4 Responses to “Volunteer Spotlight – Daniel Kramer”

  1. Dianne Boston-Nyp Says:

    GREAT blog idea! Good work Daniel and all the volunteers!
    Volunteer Action Centre

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    […] enjoy working with Matt, Raymond, Jesse, Wanda, Candace, Val, Rolf, Oscar, Pickles, Connie, Ursula, Daniel, and whole bunch of others! All these people form a community doing good work, which is fulfilling […]

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    […] mornings and does any job necessary–usually stocking the shelves or helping fellow volunteer Daniel at the meat station. I had a chance to sit down with her, a challenge with someone who never stops […]

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