See you later…



This summer has really moved along quickly, and it’s not really registering that the new adventure that I am about to embark on is almost here.  Eeeek!  With my work life winding down,  I’m feeling  mixed about my departure…You see, my coworkers and volunteers have been my work family for over 2.5 years. My daily rituals will no longer be familiar ground. I won’t be asked if I am “okie dokie”;  there won’t be the unspoken race to answer the phone on the first ring among us intake workers, (I never seem to win), and i won’t be calling out “hamper-rama” to the hamper packers.

My time as an intake worker has provided me with continuous learning, it has given me many skills that I can tuck in my pocket and bring along with me to school. Whether learning about various  eating habits from different cultures, to working daily with the many faces of our community who deal with the never-ending cycle of food insecurity.  I value each experience I’ve had, since it has brought me to where I am today.

I am grateful to everyone I’ve encountered at Food Hampers… for welcoming me with open arms, and for extending their friendship along the way.  I’m not really saying good-bye, it’s more of a see you later…


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4 Responses to “See you later…”

  1. Matt Cooper Says:

    Things will defintely be different around here without you. You’ve made a real and positive impression on the volunteers and I know that myself and the other staff people will really miss you while you’re gone. Best of luck at school!

  2. Lianna Baur Says:

    You’ve made my measly two months here packed with laughs and learning; I can’t imagine what kind of impact you’re going to make in the lives of those you encounter throughout and after your school program. I’ll miss you!

  3. Melissa Brosowski Says:

    Best of luck in school Michelle. (You’ll do great!!!!)
    It’s definitely weird with you not being here and it’s only Monday (the first day without you)…

  4. michele scott Says:

    Thanks everyone! I miss you guys too…

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