Back to school…


Well, the summer has come and gone here at food hampers.  We know the summer is over when our summer placements are complete and our annual volunteer appreciation dinner approaches.

Thanks to our friends at Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church for hosting the party again this year.  Allison has been working hard at getting an excellent range of raffle prizes from local businesses and supporters and our freezers are full of tasty BBQ treats.  The date is set for next Wednesday starting at 5:30pm.  There is still time to RSVP!

Today is the last day for Lucas and Lianna who are returning to school. Look for their farewell posts soon.  Additionally, as posted earlier this week Michelle is taking a leave of absence to attend school.  We wish them all well and hope to see them again very soon.

Usually, we take a group photo when we have to say goodbye.  Thanks to a unique donation yesterday and Michelle’s photo skills we did it a little differently this time. Voila!

After working together for so long there starts to be a bit of a family resemblance



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