Farewell Food Hampers


Although I certainly haven’t been here as long as others who are saying goodbye (Michelle!), I still must express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the inspiring volunteers, staff, and patrons who have shared their lives and knowledge with me.  You have all shaped me to be a more passionate and informed individual, with a renewed drive to continue my university studies in poverty and development.

This summer has been especially important to me because, as someone born and raised in KW, I was painfully unaware of the persistent food insecurity that faces so many of my neighbours and community members. My four years studying International Studies at Laurier oriented my concerns toward the outside world; meanwhile, people from my school, my church, and my street, needed help surviving through their next week. Each day here has been both shocking and rewarding, especially the days when I stood across the counter from fellow students or patrons my own age. Their stories about financial or personal struggles will stay with me for the rest of my life, reminding me not only to constantly appreciate what I have but to share it with others.

Most importantly, my time here has drastically challenged my understanding of food banks and food banks users in the Western World. Programs such as the Emergency Food Hamper Program are not simply buildings filled with “free” food, but crucial resource re-distribution hubs, social havens for volunteers and struggling individuals, identifiers of gaps in social programs, and overall evaluators of community health and well-being. As long as I live I will continue to support the efforts of such crucial contributors to my community’s welfare.

I’m saying good bye to EFHP, but I’m not saying good-bye to understanding and working with KW food insecurity. Thank you all again for making this a life-altering summer!


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One Response to “Farewell Food Hampers”

  1. Melissa Brosowski Says:

    You’ll definitely be missed here at EFHP! It’s been a pleasure working with you and I’m glad to hear you’ll be taking a piece of us with you for the rest of your lives, studies and work.
    Keep up the great work! You’re a great person and I’m sure you’ll continue doing great things for those in need!

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