Volunteer Spotlight – Bob


Volunteers are extremely important to the work we do! Without them we wouldn’t be able to serve the many individuals and families that come to us each day looking for assistance. Some of the ways we recognize their dedication is a Volunteer party each year in September, celebrating birthdays, and to boast about them in our volunteer spotlight blogs.

You may remember in the past how we’ve taken some time to write about some of the many volunteers such as Connie, Rupert, Dorian, and Michael. So this blog is here to continue showing off all the wonderful people who share their time with us week after week.

Meet Robert – or Bob as we more commonly refer to him. Bob has been volunteering since June of 2001, which is over 11 years! In that time he has volunteered more than 12 200 hours. His schedule typically involves the dedication of coming in almost every day (Monday to Friday) to work a full 7-8 hour day behind our meat counter. He gladly sorts through the many boxes of frozen products that we receive from the Food Bank each week, and also works to package Halal meat.

So just before Bob dived into sorting a skid of meat from the Food Bank, I took some time to ask him a few questions that I could share in this post.

How did you hear about House of Friendship?

“Well after leaving my full-time job I went onto Employment Insurance (EI). When that ran out I went to Ontario Works because for various reasons I wasn’t able to return to work. One of my caseworkers mentioned this program and I looked into it since I was looking for something to do.”

Why is volunteering important to you?

“I enjoy helping and being around others. It’s nice to work here since I always have someone to talk to or joke around with. Plus coming in here all day keeps me out of trouble – although I’m not sure it’s always doing a good job of that!” (We had a few chuckles about past stories I’ve heard him share.)

How has volunteering made an impact on your life?

“It keeps me active instead of sitting at home. I like to keep myself busy!…I’ve also met and become close to many of the staff and other long-term volunteers during my time here. I get to share laughs with staff, playfully poke at other volunteers, and provide assistance to the new volunteers during their training.”

Whats your favourite product to deal with?

“Pepperettes!”  This comment followed a big laugh between the two of us because his sarcasm was all too clear. Although Bob enjoys the work that he does, some weeks he notices more boxes of pepperettes than others, which causes a wide variety of emotions in him to come out. Pepperettes are often more time-consuming to bag as he tries to separate each stick from the chunks of ice that build up in the box.

What kind of activities or hobbies do you enjoy when you’re not volunteering?

“I enjoy having friends over, working on vehicles, doing puzzles, reading my horoscope and cooking.” Bob has shared a few things that he’s cooked with me, and he’s a great cook!

Bob has been a wonderful addition to our volunteer team as his passion to help people is remarkable. Bob invests a lot of pride in his work here and I admire the fact that he watches what happens in the warehouse and will walk away from bagging meat when he sees someone struggling or unsure of what to do.  Also with minimal help he keeps things sorted in the chest freezers, keeps a big supply of pre-packs in the walk in freezer for various diets and family sizes, keeps the walk in freezer neatly sorted, and helps answer volunteer questions and train new volunteers. Thanks for all your multi-tasking and dedication Bob!

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2 Responses to “Volunteer Spotlight – Bob”

  1. michele scott Says:

    what a wonderful interview. looking very forward to seeing you all during the holidays! 😀

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