Volunteer Spotlight: Kevin


After celebrating his birthday and giving him a small gift (as a thank you around the holidays) I approached this long-term volunteer for an interview – what a great day for him!

Kevin has been on board as a volunteer for over seven years! In this time he’s volunteered over 600 hours – approximately 75 of those being in just the last year (2010). Though we often find Kevin working quietly in the warehouse, while listening to his iPod, he’s always enjoys to have someone to talk to while he works or to sit down with people in our break room. While I’ve worked here I can recall having conversations with him about current events, plans for the weekend and other exciting topics. But this interview is really the first opportunity I’ve taken to really get to know a lot of the personal details about Kevin, which he’s allowed me to share with you…

How did you hear about House of Friendship?

“I volunteered here in the past, but took a break for a while to pursue other interests. Then when I started looking for another opportunity I was referred back here by the Volunteer Action Center.”

Why is volunteering important to you?

“The first, and most significant, reason volunteering is important is because it allows me to meet all sorts of new people. And everyone is always so social and polite. The staffs don’t put a lot of pressure on you to work fast, and really take an interest in getting to know you. I just really like coming in to help people when there’s no pressure to meet a quota. Things are very relaxed here so people always seem to come in to work hard but we always seem to have a lot of fun!”

How has volunteering made an impact in your life?

“Working here allows me to prepare myself to go back to work in the future. It gets me to commit to a schedule to form routines and build my skills so I’m better prepared to meet the expectations that might be placed on me in the workplace. But it’s nice that I can work at my own pace and the staffs appreciate whatever amount I get done – working here is great and keeps me feeling productive in my time off. It’s really the best part of my week!”

What’s your favourite job at our program?

“Well it really makes my day when I’m able to go to my work station, which Matt G (Volunteer Coordinator) sets up near the cooler in the warehouse, to bag any type of item. When I first started I did a lot more work in cleaning the warehouse and parking lot, but this really fits my interest a lot more. Also I enjoy that I can listen to music while I’m working – that helps keep me motivated.”

What kind of activities or hobbies do you enjoy when you’re not working or volunteering?

“I tend to help my parents with different things and like to spend a lot of time with them. We live together and I’m never lonely since they’re around. However I also enjoy doing things on my own like doing work on my computer, collecting hockey cards, and listening to light rock or folk music. In the summer I enjoy refinishing furniture to keep busy; and then I do large latch hooking projects. But no matter what time of year I’m always interested in attending social gatherings to meet new people.”

If the work that Kevin does interests you then we encourage you to call Matt G (volunteer coordinator) to set up an orientation. You can call him at 519-742-0662 Monday to Friday between 8:30-4:00 or send him an email at hampers@houseoffriendship.org.


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