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Volunteer Spotlight: Kevin

February 3, 2011

After celebrating his birthday and giving him a small gift (as a thank you around the holidays) I approached this long-term volunteer for an interview – what a great day for him!

Kevin has been on board as a volunteer for over seven years! In this time he’s volunteered over 600 hours – approximately 75 of those being in just the last year (2010). Though we often find Kevin working quietly in the warehouse, while listening to his iPod, he’s always enjoys to have someone to talk to while he works or to sit down with people in our break room. While I’ve worked here I can recall having conversations with him about current events, plans for the weekend and other exciting topics. But this interview is really the first opportunity I’ve taken to really get to know a lot of the personal details about Kevin, which he’s allowed me to share with you… (more…)


Waiting for the right call

February 1, 2011

“Being poor is a sick, dreadful feeling of your stomach dropping out when the phone rings, because you know it’s a bill collector and you’ll pick it up anyway on the one in a million chance that someone does want to hire you.” (Source)

This quote reminded me about many of the conversations I’ve had over the last year with one of our patrons. This man, who I’ll call Frank, (which is not his real name) comes in a few times a week to look through our lobby, and also visits a few times a year for a hamper. (more…)