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Spring is in the air, and hopefully we have seen the last of the snow (you can’t hear it, but I’m knocking on my wooden desk right now). In Canada, each spring is a special time, when the ground thaws out, the grass starts growing and the trees start budding. There is a lot of expectation and hope in the air. But, it’s not just the time of year when you trade your snow shovels for your lawn mower; it’s also the time of year that we celebrate National Volunteer Week!

More information can be found by following this link here.

This year it is April 10th to 16th and organizations like the House of Friendship will spend extra time thanking and recognizing the many volunteers that work with them each day to make a positive and lasting impact on their community.

You have already had a few opportunities to meet some of our fantastic volunteers, but during the month of April we are going to introduce you to many more, and try and illustrate all the different ways they (and maybe even you!) can touch the lives of many people in our community.

Next week, each day, we will highlight one volunteer, and share a fact on how what they do, no matter small, helps a lot of people each and every day.

Starting April 11th we will continue, but in a different way.  Each day will highlight a different part of the entire volunteer experience in a new way.  It’ll be an opportunity to learn something new and see the complex web of friendship that keeps our organization afloat and ensures that each week, people who wake up wondering where their next meal will come from, go to bed full, knowing that their neighbours are there to extend a helping hand when they needed it the most.

Interested in learning first hand how to join us?  Please follow this link here and get in touch.

One thing that you will notice as you read about the many different people who help us each day is that many of them also volunteer with many other places and value the opportunity to meet new people and learn a thing or two.  We’d love to hear why you volunteer and what it means to you.  Please, leave a comment on this post.  We love to hear from you!


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