Volunteer Spotlight: Roy


Around here Roy is no stranger to our program, as he’s been volunteering since September of 2005. He’s often a quiet and hard-working volunteer, but today I got him to open up a little bit so we could boast about him a little bit. To start I can tell you that he’s provided us with over 625 hours of help during his time with us. And now onto more wonderful facts about this volunteer:

How did you hear about House of Friendship?

“I’ve always known about House of Friendship. When I started I was just entering my retirement and wanted something to do, so my friend Oscar told me to inquire about volunteering. He told me about what types of work were available and we both thought I’d enjoy it.”

Our volunteers often bring in or recommend their friends to volunteer. But that’s not the only way to get involved! Though we may not be actively looking for help, we’re always happy to take your information until a position opens up. To inquire on what’s available, call Matt G, our Volunteer Coordinator, at 519-742-0662 Monday to Friday between 9am to 4pm.

Are there any other programs that you currently volunteer with?

“Two afternoons a week I help receive and sort donations around the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Thrift store in Elmira. And I’m part of a wide crew of volunteers that works to maintain the Bruce Trail.

Why is volunteering important to you?

“It’s important to volunteer because there are people who need a break or some type of assistance, often for many reasons beyond their doing. This is one way I can help those people – whether it’s a new family to get established in our country, or to help them overcome the transition to overcoming a death or illness in the family.”

Last year of the 9 539 households that received a hamper, 2 798 households only needed to access our assistance once. This represents approximately 29 percent of the overall hampers we distributed throughout 2010.

How has volunteering made an impact in your life?

“Volunteering has helped broaden my perspectives and learn more about the level of need in the community. Plus I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the variety of people who volunteer.”

What kind of activities or hobbies do you enjoy when you’re not working or volunteering?

“I have a large garden with approximately 160 different plants that I maintain all summer. Then in the winter I go out cross-country skiing. I also enjoy reading history novels and various magazines. It’s not unusual for me to always have a book on the go because I tend to read in my spare time. However it’s most common for me to read just before I go to bed. When my eye lids start getting heavy, I turn off the lights and fall asleep almost instantly. That’s one of my many routines – I’m a routine kind of person.”

Well Roy thanks for building us into your retirement routine. You’ve provided us with a lot of support throughout the years by bagging potatoes and other foods, sorting through food in the warehouse, and many other small jobs we’ve thrown your way. We are looking forward to many more years together!

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3 Responses to “Volunteer Spotlight: Roy”

  1. Trent Says:

    It was great to read about my dad. I know he has great respect for the people he serves while volunteering. He has been a strong influence in my life and a reason I volunteer too.

  2. Trevor Bauman Says:

    Ditto Trent’s comments – (we are twins afterall). House of Friendship continues to be a great place to serve the community.

  3. Matt Cooper Says:

    It’s a real honour to work with him and it’s always nice to run into him while he’s volunteering at the MCC. House of Friendship wouldn’t exist without people like him!

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