Volunteer Spotlight: Mike


Here is another one of our great team members: Mike. Mike has been on board with our program for the last two years and counting. In these two years he’s packed a lot of hampers and helped with odd jobs throughout the warehouse for a total of over 180 hours. I’ve enjoyed having a lot of interesting conversations with Mike over the last two years whether he’s working in the warehouse or taking a well-deserved break. But now I want to share a more formal conversation I had with him in a recent interview:

How did you hear about House of Friendship?

“For many years I was volunteering with the turkey distribution at Christmas Hampers through my Rotary Club. Over the years I had heard a lot of talk about this program and began asking more questions each year to the staff. Then about 2 years ago when I was talking to Christine Rier she suggested volunteering here because I was slowly starting to ease into retirement and wanted to do some volunteering. Within a few days I got a call back and the rest is history.”

Why is volunteering important to you?

“I think mostly because I feel privileged to have what I have so I’d like to help those who have less than me. Plus I enjoy working with people so I feel like this has been a good fit for me.”

Are there any other programs that you volunteer or have volunteered with?

“In the past I’ve worked with Out of the Cold and been a blood donor a few times.”

How has volunteering made an impact in your life?

“It’s given me a greater appreciation for what I have and really been able to show me how many people are in need. I’ve learned that there are all sorts of different people in different circumstances who find themselves needing to come here for support.”

What’s your favourite job at our program?

“Personally I enjoy interacting with patrons when I’m packing a food hamper for them. Everyone has such an interesting story and come from so many different backgrounds. It’s helped open my eyes to the poverty situation more.”

What kind of activities or hobbies do you enjoy when you’re not volunteering?

“I still work one day a week as a digestive specialist. I’m taking an agriculture course through the Third Age learning program. I enjoy reading and am in a book club. I’m part of a wine club. I’m interested in history, which is often some of the things I read about. I’m a part of a fitness club and also an avid jogger. I like traveling – last fall I went to Turkey and in a few weeks I’m off to Mexico. I also like traveling out-of-town to visit my grandchildren.”

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