Why we fight hunger


Time is not measured by the years that we live. But by the deeds that we do and the joys that we give.  – Helen Steiner Rice


Putting the final touches on packing a hamper for one of the many families we served today.

Volunteer appreciation week is coming to an end today.  For the last two weeks we’ve tried to highlight the different ways that volunteers make a difference here. We’ve really enjoyed this opportunity to share some of the joy to be had each week working together with this amazing group of people.

I wanted to finish the week with a few words from someone we helped in March:

“Thank you for all your hard work and the time you put into making food hampers available for us.  Asking for the extra help has been hard, but I know you are there to help when I need it most…”

March was full of surprises again.  While January and February this year were a little slower than last year, March decided it would break more records, and yet again, we packed the most hampers ever in a single month, coming out at 3 313 hampers (versus 3 305 last year) to 2 850 households made up of over 6 600 people.

It’s not a huge increase over last year, but it was a lot of very busy days spent trying to keep up with the phone calls and requests by family after family.  If we didn’t have volunteers, would we be able to help that many people?

No.  It’s pretty simple. Those people would have to make do with less, or even nothing, since we would have probably had to turn them away empty-handed.

Volunteers have built this program up, they keep it running, and they make sure the job gets done.  It’s never easy for a person to walk in here and ask for help; last year a woman told us that it took her three days to build up the courage to walk through our door after the initial call to set up a file.  However that was after the two months it took her friends and family to finally convince her to call in the first place.

When she left she knew that she wasn’t alone.  Our volunteers will be there to help when times are tough.

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