Volunteer Spotlight: Jeff


Almost a year and a half ago today was when we saw Jeff for the first time to help out in our warehouse. He started doing various tasks in the warehouse like stocking shelves and re-packaging food items but we slowly started introducing him to packing hampers. He’s been a tremendous amount of help at the end of the day to help us clear through the last-minute hampers rushes before we close or to stock the hamper aisle shelves so we’re ready for the next morning. Jeff has a lot of experience with each of these tasks as he’s been helping us out for about 130 hours by coming in week after week. As a result of his continued dedication I took some time to ask him a few questions so we could all get to know more about this fantastic volunteer.

How did you hear about House of Friendship?

“I’ve always looked to do some volunteering here and there over the years; but a lot of places were full since high schools students have had to do mandatory volunteering hours. Then I needed to do some community service hours and got help finding a placement with the John Howard Society. After I finished my hours I requested to keep volunteering if they needed someone.

Why is volunteering important to you?

“With this program specifically I’d probably say that it’s important because people need food. And I know that you guys rely mostly on volunteers so I like being able to help them get it.”

Are there any other programs that you volunteer or have volunteered with?

“I’ve helped out at the St. Johns Soup Kitchen a few times since I know one of the staff people there. And I also do on call help at the Breithaupt Community Center for various events like their Book Fair in March.”

What’s your favourite job at our program?

“Stocking the shelves is something I like to do. It’s pretty straightforward stuff, and really helps out for all the people who are packing hampers. Checking the expiry dates on some of the products like canned soup can be a bit of a challenge but I still enjoy it.”

What kind of activities or hobbies do you enjoy when you’re not working or volunteering?

“I’m into music. I’ve taken some lessons and taught myself how to play guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Most of what I play would be categorized as rock music. I recently became a certified snowboard instructor. And I also keep myself busy with my kids. I like playing sports with them, and taking them out to the park, the library, the museum, and places like that.”

Well Jeff it was great to get to talk to you. You’re often so busy working in the warehouse that I don’t always get a chance to see you in the break room while you’re here. Thanks for all your hard work in all areas of the warehouse!

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