Hunger Awareness Day is today!


Today is Hunger Awareness Day, a day that we can draw attention to the problem of hunger, and how we can work together to fix it.  More info is at this link via Food Banks Canada.

Why is it that Hunger persists and poverty strips people of choices in our communities?  Many of us woke up this morning and had a choice of what to eat today.  Many others were not so lucky.

This year between January and May we have distributed over 14,000 hampers of Emergency Food at our program alone.  A lot of the food in those hampers went to children.

So what is the big picture? Why is this happening and what you do as a single person?  Food Banks Canada has created a video to highlight the need and to suggest some options.

You can get involved with us in a variety of ways (more info here) – especially through donations and by volunteering.  Talking about hunger with your friends and family is also a great step.  Awareness of hunger is important because all to often the large number of people in need is not widely known.

Alone, Food Banks won’t make it go away.  We can help meet the needs of most of those people, but we need everyday people to help take the steps, ask the hard questions and take an honest look at why so many people are without one of life’s most basic necessities.

Let us know in the comments section what you are doing for Hunger Awareness day and what you think of the campaign. Join the conversation and help us end hunger together.



2 Responses to “Hunger Awareness Day is today!”

  1. Pam Says:

    Thanks for bringing Hunger Awareness Day to my attention. I have forwarded my friends and colleagues the link.

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