Volunteer Spotlight: Marge


Today we have another wonderful volunteer to share: Marge! Marge is a dedicated volunteer who has helped out for over 700 hours – 115 of those coming in last year. Marge has been volunteering since December of 2005. In this time Marge she has shared a lot about herself, and taken a great interest in getting to know some of the patrons, staff and volunteers. Before the interview I knew a little bit about Marge but this experience definitely helped me learn a lot more.  I’m very excited to be able to showcase her!

How did you hear about House of Friendship?

“I’ve always been aware of House of Friendship since I moved to Cambridge about 35 years ago. My church has tried to help out in various ways throughout the years. But a couple of years ago my husband was the one who brought up volunteering here. Though he’s moved on to other volunteering activities I hope to be around for a while.”

Why is volunteering important to you?

“Volunteering is a part of who I am. I value the idea of helping others so I’ve built it into my lifestyle. I used to be a social worker, so I like to still be involved. It keeps me up-to-date on who needs to be supported or what I need to advocate for.”

Are there any other programs that you volunteer or have volunteered with?

“I help out with different activities in my church throughout the year. Since last spring I have been involved with an English as a Second Language (ESL) program. And I’ve also been involved with various support groups in a cancer-care support facility (Hope Spring) and for individuals who struggle with being abused as children.”

How has volunteering made an impact in your life?

“Again I’d probably say that volunteering here keeps me aware of what the needs are in the community. But getting to know the staff and other volunteers is a big perk. Everyone is so fun to be around so it’s hard not to enjoy helping out here.”

What’s your favourite job at our program?

“Really I don’t mind doing any job while I’m here. I started mostly bagging food or diapers in the beginning; but now I’m here more to pack hampers. I’d probably say that I enjoy packing hampers more though because it’s very interesting for me to meet and talk with all the different types of people and families that use this service. I know it’s only a brief conversation but I feel like its important because I can take the chance to share some cooking tips, they’ll tell me about how their kids love or hate the foods we have to offer, and other things like that.”

To read more about the significance of us distributing baby items, click here.

What kind of activities or hobbies do you enjoy when you’re volunteering?

“I love reading and spending time with my grandchildren. And I love cooking. I’m always looking to try new recipes and find creative ways to get my family to eat more vegetables and other healthy foods.”

Marge I think it’s phenomenal that your interest in helping people remains so strong after many years. You come in week after week to lend a hand with whatever task we need and always seem to do it with a smile. I especially love your cooking advice, since I live with a picky eater. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to helping our program and the people we serve each day.

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