Sharing the rewards


Many grocery stores are trying to find ways to reward their shoppers by purchasing food from their stores. For some this means offering incredible sales on essential or staple food items in their weekly flyer; and for others it means offering a points reward system.

Some of you may be familiar with the Sobey’s reward card, but for others here’s a little introduction. The “Club Sobey’s” card offers customers an opportunity to collect points for every whole dollar spent in a Sobey’s grocery store when they swipe their card at the check out. Extra points are awarded to specific items, which are often promoted in their flyer. The card has no initial sign up cost or annual fees. The points collected can be converted into Aeroplan miles; food related rewards on the online catalogue; or saved up to redeem free grocery items. If you’re interested in collecting these rewards, click here to apply online, sign up in stores, or call 1-877-7SOBEYS (1-877-776-2397).

But why is this important? How is this related to the work that we do?

Club Sobeys members have the opportunity to donate the points they earn on their Club Sobey’s card to a charitable organization or food bank program. People have the options to choose between the following agencies:

–         Boys and Girls Club

–         Daily Bread Food Bank

–         Second Harvest

–         Toonies for Tummies c/o The Grocery Foundation

–         Ontario Association of Food Banks

–         The Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

Many of these agencies deal with providing food to low-income households or programs that will provide assistance to those in need. The other piece to these programs is that they aim to provide services that will assist in providing a healthy lifestyle development. Please click on the above names to learn more about the organization, if you’re interested. If you’re interested in donating your points, please click here. Your points will make a significant difference in your community and to a family in need.


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