We want your two cents


On our blog we often talk about situations where people are struggling to meet their basic needs, or food insecure. It’s unfortunately a common situation that many people are forced to face each day. However there really isn’t a common definition – so what does it mean to be food insecure?

If you do a Google search you’ll get a large volume of results. Many people have various interpretations and thoughts on what this term means or how to describe what it’s like to be in this situation.

Recently a staff at Oxam America posted the statement “Food security means _______” on their Facebook and Twitter page to encourage people to comment with their interpretations. Many people came up with various thoughts and ideas to fill in the blank, which you can read by clicking here.

Since this is such an important and interesting term I thought it could be really interesting to hear from our readers. What are your creative expressions to fill in the blank here? Please don’t be shy!


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7 Responses to “We want your two cents”

  1. michele sararas Says:

    independently having the means (within 10-20 % of income?) and access to provide my family with a balanced diet of wholesome, truly nutritious and natural foods on a regular basis. This is my developed world view, and I am aspiring to it.

  2. ponpilate Says:

    the inherent right of all human beings to a sufficient, nutritious and satisfying diet.

  3. John Neufeld Says:

    Food security means being able to choose what you eat.

  4. Ron Flaming Says:

    Here’s a thought … I’m trying to make the point that a sense of security is a bit more than just knowing where your single “next meal is coming from”.

    “Food security means knowing where next week’s meals are coming from”

  5. melissabrosowski Says:

    Here is a comment that was sent to me via email.

    “Food security means everyone having access to enough food at all times, in order to have a healthy, active and productive life.”

    Great thoughts everyone! Keep them coming!

  6. Ben Janzen Says:

    There’s an exhibit happening right now at Conrad Grebel University College, co-hosted by MCC, that deals with these issues as well called “Just Food”.

    I encourage everyone to go and check it out:

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