Volunteer Party 2011!


You have to be a very special person to volunteer.  You’re giving up your time, using up your energy and sometimes putting yourself in new and adverse situations.  One thing is for certain, volunteers help make this community, province and country a great place to live in.  There are many, many opportunities out there in our community, many of them you can find through visiting places like the Volunteer Action Centre.

Our volunteers definitely make a difference, and we are very certain they are special people.   You can meet a few of them by reading a few profiles we have done of them, (click here to see) and maybe joining them by volunteering with us (info here).

Each year we take some time and have a nice BBQ dinner for them.  Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church opened their doors to us again earlier this month to provide the space and with the help of an impressive list of donors and supporters we were able to throw a party for them and express our gratitude.  Thanks go to Allison for doing all of the work leading up to the party, organizing, booking the space and making sure we had the supplies we needed.

Yesterday I posted about the huge impact that our volunteers have each month.  They literally move mountains of food each month to help a huge range of people.  This BBQ is just part of how we say thank you to them each day there are here with us.

Local businesses were also very supportive and donated a lot of very nice raffle prizes which our volunteers were able to take home at the end of the night.  Special thanks go out to:

The Museum, Boston Pizza, Frederick Brunswick Bowl, Galaxy Cinemas, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Frederick Twin Cinemas, The Cake Box, Canadian Tire, Whole lot-a-Gelata, Waterloo Region museum, and Flourish Florals for again donating beautiful centrepieces for our tables.

Extra special thanks go to our volunteer Daniel, who not only donated a handmade art piece for the raffle, but also composed a song in honour of his fellow volunteers!

The Emergency Food Hamper Packin’ Blues

 Written by William “The Captain” Norton and Daniel Kramer

The day seems long and so dragged out

But that’s what it’s, all about

‘Cause this is the life, that I did choose

I’ve got the emergency food hamper packin’ blues

Yeah Matt’s in his office, Melissa’s at the desk

Bob’s packin’ meat, and for Raymond no rest

Captain’s in his garden, Matt’s looking for food

I’ve got the emergency food hamper packin’ blues

It was going to be tough, but I would not lack

The energy to stand…tall and pack

From dawn to dusk, win or lose

I’ve got the emergency food hamper packin’ blues

We’ve got Kraft Dinner and canned beans

Canned soup and also sardines

Pasta and gravy are here too

I’ve got the emergency food hamper packin’ blues

There’s peanut butter and a jar of jam

A sack of potatoes and a can of Spam

Rice Krispies and canned stews

I’ve got the emergency food hamper packin’ blues

Rupert’s doing some dishes, Anton’s being a bud

Salvador’s truckin’, Paul is packing some spuds,

Nadir’s taking calls, the ladies found some shoes

I’ve got the emergency food hamper packin’ blues

Box after box keep coming my way

I pack each one, keep silent and stay

My mind’s so tired, but there’s only one thing to do

I’ve got the emergency food hamper packin’ blues

I’ve got the emergency food hamper packin’ blues

Yea I’ve got the emergency food hamper packin’ blues


One Response to “Volunteer Party 2011!”

  1. michelle scott (@dothandmade) Says:

    amazing song!!! yay!

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