From crisis to stability – World Food Day


Hunger has been a constant of human history.  There have always been many who are without the basic necessity of life: food.  On October 16th it is World Food Day and people around the world will be taking some time out of their day to reflect on the many who go without and take action to raise awareness and to help them.

Here in Canada, there are many who go without food.  In our own community, we meet many of them every day here at the House of Friendship.  Recently, we have shared the stories of some of the people who turn to us each day, and encouraged you to put yourself in their shoes a little. You’ve met Trevor, Sara, Taylor, Ron and Andrew.  Keep them in your mind this Sunday, and consider some of these easy things to do to make a difference:

First off,  stay Informed:  There is a lot on this blog on the links we have on our main page.  You can also visit our friends at, watch their videos on youtube and browse their annual Hunger Count reports.  To get a better understanding of what hunger looks like globally, visit .

You can donate: Text HUNGER to 30333 to make a $5 donation to Food Banks Canada via your mobile device.  This will help organizations across the country that work with Food Banks Canada and their provincial partners.  We depend on the hard work they do on a national level to help large donations of food come to Waterloo Region.

You can facebook: Donate your status to Food Banks Canada with the messaging, “On World Food Day, I’m donating my status to @FoodBanksCanada.  Join me and do the same”.  Go to Food Banks Canada’s facebook page for more information.

You can Tweet: Find out what others are saying around World Food Day and join the conversation to learn more @foodbankscanada and you can tweet at the House of Friendship @HOFKW and let us know what you’re doing on World Food Day to help those in need.

It takes everyone to make a difference, so please, take part and help us to say goodbye to hunger.


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