“This will get us through till next week”


Working at the Emergency Food Hamper one day, I had the opportunity to briefly talk with a mother and her young daughter who were in need of a food hamper. When she had waited her turn and had reached the front desk, “this will get us through till next week,” was one of the first things she said to me.

Lots of people have come through our Food Hamper doors hoping that the food they receive here will carry them through their food shortage crisis, whatever that might involve. Last year alone, there were 32,042 hampers given out. Not having the ability to feed her own children was shocking to her. As she worriedly gazed at the far wall, I could literally see the thoughts that must have been swirling through her head. How long will this food emergency last for my family? Will I be able to pay this month’s rent and daycare costs while carefully balancing other necessities like food?

“My pay is coming at the end of the week, so we can make it through till then,” she hesitantly said to me while glancing down at the floor.

A lot of the people who walk into our lobby each day share similar stories with the staff here at Food Hamper.  To this day, I wonder how that woman and her daughter are doing. Did they make it through till next week? For many, lacking food is a temporary, yet potentially chronic, problem.  This is where the Food Hamper program steps in and tries to bridge this dangerous gap at least till next week’s pay comes in.


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