Let’s share the warmth


As snowflakes will soon begin falling down from the sky we’ll all soon become more accustomed to cuddling up under a blanket, perhaps with a warm beverage and some good company to talk to. Well in the spirit of enjoying everything possible from a warm cup of tea, let’s think about how you can spread that joy throughout Canada. Let’s share the warmth!

By this, I’m not referring to the coat drive program that just wrapped up at Salvation Army. Instead sharing the warmth is about giving the gift of tea – and all it takes is one simple click of your computer mouse.

Red Rose Tea Company has launched a campaign for consumers to donate a pot of tea to a registered Canadian charity. Here are some examples of the charities that are awaiting your support:

And as I said before, all it takes is one simple click of your computer mouse. Currently more than 10 000 pots of tea have been donated to these charities! Please click here to make your pot of tea go farther.

What is your morning routine?  I know a lot of people who start their morning with a warm cup of coffee or tea.  I always marvel at the people snaking around the drive through windows at any restaurant that sells coffee.  It’s one of the little things that makes life a little more pleasant, and can be a source of comfort when life is stressful.

It is also important for people to share. In our culture and many others, offering a guest a cup of tea or coffee is a natural and expected part of welcoming someone to your home. Our driver, Salvador, will often share stories of people he has delivered food to, who ask him to share a cup of tea with them because he is the only person they will talk to that week. So, as Red Rose says: “Canadians are known for their warmth of spirit and their love of tea…let’s prove it!” So please take a few minutes to share your love of tea with others from coast to coast.

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