How youth can Pitch In during 12days


Why work for no pay?  Why lend someone a hand for no immediate benefit?

Not everything can be measured in how many dollars it gets into your pocket, and not all the good things in the world are immediately obvious.

Yesterday, we were talking about the tremendous food drive that Rockway Mennonite organizes each year.  Students, their families and the entire school work together to get food to people who need it during the month of December.  On top of this, they also visited our Christmas Hamper warehouse to sing to the many volunteers packing and picking up hampers of food to be shared with the less fortunate residents of Waterloo and Kitchener.

Rockway students pitch in with a little music for the Christmas Hamper volunteers

Today is the fourth day of our Pitch in for 12Days campaign, an effort to get everyone possible to lend a hand in some way, and help others during the month of December.  If you’re a young person in the region, you will soon have some free time on your hands as you enjoy your christmas break.   Why not spend a little bit of it volunteering?  There people like the Volunteer Action Centre who are happy to help you find the right volunteer job – you can find them on the web and even look through available jobs on their website here.

The rewards of volunteering are many.   If you’re a student, volunteer experience can help you learn about different issues in the community, they can also provide you a reference that you can use to get your first job, or even learn more about what interests you and help you decide what higher education to pursue once you graduate.

Looking for a little inspiration?  Why not check out local radio personality Carlos, who is doing 30 deeds in 30 days.  What is this all about?  Well, it’s an epic journey of volunteering that he is detailing on his blog here.  Each day he goes to a different place and pitches in.  You can read more about him soon, because he is going to help us share some turkeys this coming Saturday.  Recently, he visited our friends St. John’s and you can read all about it here.

So are you ready to pitch in yet?  By volunteering you help yourself and others, and make our part of the world a little nicer.  Are you the kind of person that thinks big?  Why not check out something like Katimavic? You can see the country and make a big difference.

So think about it.  You can let us know what you’re doing by tweeting at @HOFKW and by liking us on Facebook.  Be the change you want to see in the community and help Pitch In!

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