Volunteers Pitching In at Christmas Hampers


Every December, volunteers pitch in to bag, box and deliver food for those in need of food assistance in our community.  For many, volunteering at House of Friendship’s Christmas Hamper has become an annual holiday tradition.  I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with two volunteers, Trevor and Doug, who have both made volunteering at the Christmas Hamper program an annual tradition.

Both Trevor and Doug started at Christmas Hampers as volunteer drivers, delivering the Christmas hampers, and they have been helping ever since.  Trevor is able to take some vacation time from his full-time job to work as the hamper dispatcher for the Christmas Hamper program, helping to ensure that the food is delivered to the hamper recipients.  Doug has become more and more involved over the years that he’s been volunteering.  Here’s what they had to say about their involvement with the Christmas Hamper program:

How did you start volunteering at Christmas Hampers?

Trevor told me: “I started volunteering at the Christmas Hamper program because of a man named Bruce Weber.  Bruce was heavily involved with House of Friendship, and he happened to be our youth leader.  He arranged to have our youth group deliver hampers.  That was in 1982.   For the first few years, I was mainly just delivering the hampers.  One year, I came in to pick up a route for delivery, but it was really busy, and Tony Bender (the program coordinator) asked me to step in and explain the process to the new volunteer drivers.  From then on, I have been setting people up with routes, and sending them out to do their deliveries.”

Doug explained: “I got involved many years ago when I brought my children with me to deliver hampers.  Every year after that I saw myself getting more and more involved in the project.  I now am here from day one until the program wraps up before Christmas.”

What brings you back year after year?

Trevor said: “I know that my circumstances are privileged.  I have an excellent support system, and I had all the opportunities when I was growing up.  Circumstances make it difficult for some people to get by, and a program like Christmas Hampers, helps people through those difficult times.  I have always felt that I have something to give, so I am doing so.  It is so easy for me to judge those living in poverty, and give up on them, but I think all of us would be surprised at just how hard being without can really be.”

Doug told me: “I believe so much in this project, a community-based project that satisfies a fundamental need for food.  I enjoy the variety of work that needs to be done.  There is something for everyone.  I also like interacting with the groups that come through here, and talking to the media about all the wonderful things that are happening at the Christmas Hamper warehouse.  I think that this is one of the greatest social service projects out there.  I can remember delivering a hamper to a young family, and I will never forget the way the young girl’s face lit up when we came to their door.  Doing the deliveries really helped me put a face to the need that exists in our community.”

These two volunteers are just a very small sample of the many hands that are committed to making the Christmas Hamper program possible.  Interested in joining them?  Give Tony a call at 519-725-2350.  We still really need drivers to help out. Are you already a Christmas Hamper Volunteer?  Let us know what volunteering means to you!  Comment here on our blog, post on our wall on Facebook or tweet at @HOFKW.

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One Response to “Volunteers Pitching In at Christmas Hampers”

  1. Trent Says:

    It really helps keep things running smooth with experienced volunteers like Doug and Trevor. Thanks so much for helping out.

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