Don Cameron gets results


Volunteers and Kitchener Waterloo can move mountains.  Mountains of potatoes that is! How do we know this?  Well, because of the Don Cameron Potato Night of course!

It was, as usual, a record breaking event!  Rangers fans did it again, bringing in 4,800 lbs of potatoes and giving $6,394 in cash donations.  Thanks to a special purchasing agreement with a local supplier we are able to purchase potatoes at an average rate of 15 cents per pound, which means that Rangers fans alone raised the equivalent of 47,425 pounds of spuds, matching last year’s record effort!

Volunteering at the night, Colin shared with me afterwords, “I was excited to see the level of community support House of Friendship has.  There are so many areas of the community we rely on for support and the folks coming to the game represent another one of those corners. It was just amazing to see how many folks do bring out potatoes.”

But there’s more good news.  Zehrs markets donated $5,000 and another 4,500 lbs of potatoes to Don Cameron Potato Night for a total contribution of 37,833 pounds of potatoes.  This means that in one very special evening, Don Cameron Potato Night raised the equivalent of more than 85,000 pounds of potatoes!

Thanks to the many people who remembered to bring their spuds or a cash donation, and thank you to Don Cameron for hosting and lending his name to the cause of getting this important staple to the people in crisis that turn to us for a helping hand.

Demand for assistance from the House of Friendship is increasing.  That’s why we set a higher goal of 200,000 pounds for the 2012 blitz.  We’re almost halfway to our goal, but we still need your help.

Want to get involved but weren’t able to make it out last Friday?  There are many ways to to help your neighbours.

On Friday, House of Friendship, unvieled a completely new (to us) way of donating.  Now, you can text SHARE to 41010 with your cell phone and you will donate $5 to House of Friendship.  This mobile giving campaign will continue year long and is only happening because of the support of Mennonite Savings and Credit Union (MSCU).

Don’t have a cell phone?  That’s ok (I don’t either).  But you can still drop off potatoes or any nonperishable food items to the House of Friendship here and here.

Want to feel good while grocery shopping? Saturday, February 11th will be the Supermarket Blitz!  House of Friendship volunteers will be in 26 local grocery stores asking people to pitch in and help a neighbour with a few potatoes.  Sound like fun?  We’re still looking for volunteers if you want to get involved, call  or email Jenn at 519-742-8327 or

Any time during the year you can donate non-perishable food items at the drop off bin for the Food Bank of Waterloo Region in your local store.  These donations will help places like the House of Friendship, Salvation Army and 70+ other agencies all working on the same problem: hunger.

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