Celebrating 12 Days of good deeds


12 Days

Today is the last day of our 12 Days for Good campaign, and though I am sad to see it go, I’ve been so inspired by all the amazing stories I’ve heard from people who are paying it forward. Today as we celebrate the good deeds done in Waterloo Region, here are some of the highlights of the past week and a half.

To start off, word from the Christmas Hampers Warehouse is that over 4,240 hampers have been delivered to homes in Waterloo Region. This has been our busiest year yet, and it would not have been possible without all the help we got from amazing volunteers during the past 12 days. What a success!

We’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to speak to media outlets about 12 Days for Good. John Neufeld, Jane Barkley, and Natalie Brown were on Talk Local Waterloo Region discussing the impact of 12 Days and how they’ve been involved. Check out the video here.

So, how have the 12 Do-Gooders been passing the past 12 days?

Natalie Brown has been blogging about her experience during 12 Days for Good on her website, commonthreadconsulting.ca. She’s been bringing people in her life together through the shared purpose of doing good. For the ‘gift of community’ theme she approached all her neighbours to donate a few dollars to buy gifts for families in need, meeting the people on her street in the process.

On Juanita Metzger’s 12 Days tumblr, she has been profiling organizations and people who are doing good deeds, from the police officer in New York who bought some boots on a cold day for a homeless man in need, to the Extend-a-Family social night on Mondays at the Working Centre. It has been great to hear about the small community-building initiatives going on that I didn’t know about, even after living in this community for 15 years.

Jane Barkley has continued vlogging on youtube for many of the 12 Days, about topics ranging from a Food Bank visit to talking with her son about homelessness. See the video below for a playlist of all the 12 Days videos she’s made!

Peter Thurley used his birthday for good, asking people who wished him a happy birthday on Facebook to donate just $10 to Supportive Housing of Waterloo Region (SHOW). What a great way to leverage well wishes for support for a local essential service.

The Volunteer Action Centre has been profiling volunteers who make a difference every day. One story they’ve shared is Jacob’s, who used to do graffiti under bridges in Kitchener. After his youth counselor recommended he meet with the Volunteer Action Centre to see if there were opportunities available for him to share his art, he was matched up with Mary’s Place, where he created a vibrant wall mural in the lobby.

Carlos Benevides has been all over town doing small good deeds, including donating blood, delivering House of Friendship Christmas Hampers, donating clothing to Ray of Hope, and tutoring for Pathways to Education. He’s also promoted non-profits like KidsAbility and Traverse Independence.

I’m so impressed with how people have contributed during the past two days. Do-gooders haven’t only been donating money (though that is welcome too), but have really been engaging in issues related to poverty, homelessness, diversity, and all of the themes we’ve had.

Thanks to everyone who has participated, including our 12 Do-Gooders: Karen Scian, John Neufeld, Eby Village, Juanita Metzger, Carlos Benevides, Natalie Brown, the Volunteer Action Centre, Peter Thurley, Jane Barkley, Madi McIntyre, Mike Farwell, and Ian McLean.

And now that 12 Days is over, everyone can stop doing good deeds. Got ya! We’d love if you kept the spirit of 12 Days alive year ‘round. You’re always free to tell us about a cause that makes you passionate for social change, or about a good deed you’ve done either here on our blog or @HOFKW on twitter. Thanks everyone for participating!

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2 Responses to “Celebrating 12 Days of good deeds”

  1. Pam M Says:

    Fantastic summary Erin. Kudos to you and your team there for such great coverage of the 12 Days of Good! Pam McINtosh

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