The anonymous knitting Grandma strikes again!


Back in September, a woman came in to the food hamper program and saw a big bag of yarn that we had behind the desk. Her eyes lit up, and she quickly asked if she could bring it to her grandmother, who loved to knit. We said sure, and she went on her way.

mittens pic

A few weeks later the woman came back with mittens and hats her grandmother had knit with the yarn. Her grandmother had wanted the yarn so she could knit winter items to donate back to us. According to her granddaughter, this woman knits with any yarn available and donates what she makes to charitable organizations, who can give the items to families in need.

sweater pic

A few months after her first donation, anonymous knitting Grandma is going strong! We’ve probably received over 100 items from her, mostly in the form of hats and mittens, but also the occasional sweater and scarf. It means a lot to us and the people who come in that she puts so much time and love into her products. Parents of small children especially get excited when they find her stuff on our shelves.

Thank you, grandma, for taking the time to keep kids in Waterloo Region warm, and to all our food and clothing donors!

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