Guest post: Nutrition for Learning


Today is the third of 12 Days for Good! We are happy to share a piece from Nutrition for Learning, a local organization that supports community based nutrition programs committed to improving the learning capacity, health and well being of children and youth in Waterloo Region:


You know good things are happening when you hear the laughter and chatter, and witness the productivity that occurs when good people come together for the good of children.

Feeding 13,000 children daily throughout Waterloo Region can be a fairly daunting exercise for a very small organization like Nutrition for Learning. Especially when over 20,000 items, such as Cheerios, crackers, tomatoes, and more need to be individually bagged on a weekly basis, to meet the demands of a new pilot project where the organization purchases and distributes the food.

That’s where volunteers like Kathy Rogers and Sandra Siegel come to the rescue. They joined a growing group of volunteers who spend 4 – 6 hours a week filling small bags with food, communing with new found friends and giving Nutrition for Learning the gift of help, which is so desperately needed.


“Being retired has given me the luxury of time,” said Sandra Siegel, who with her husband volunteers for this project at least one day a week. “Nutrition for Learning fulfills a need in the community, to feed children who may go hungry. I feel privileged to spend my time here helping in some small way.”

And it’s the same for Kathy. “Before she retired Kathy asked around the community to find a worthy organization to volunteer with,” explained Kelly-Sue Labus, Executive Director, Nutrition for Learning. “And we are so very thankful that she chose Nutrition for Learning.”  Kathy’s husband volunteers as well, giving significant time to his role as Program Coordinator for a school program.

Many others have given Nutrition for Learning the gift of self and for many years. With over 1,800 adult volunteers performing multiple roles, they ensure the nourishing programs continue to thrive.

Want to learn more about Nutrition for Learning? Connect with them online:



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