Guest post: Ray of Hope


Today’s 12 Days for Good theme is fellowship. Our friends at Ray of Hope wrote on this theme, and the particular challenges of being present with folks differently situated than ourselves. Be moved by their words below:Ray of Hope logo

Fellowship – for many it refers to a group of Middle Earth misfits on a journey to Mordor.  For those of faith, like the staff and volunteers at Ray of Hope, fellowship is characterized by being a member of a body of people, sharing common interests and goals, and caring for one another.  It means that no one is left alone nad no one gets left behind.

It’s a challenging concept when working with those who are disadvantaged, marginalized and troubled.  Those who seek help from Ray of Hope have struggled with unemployment, crime, addiction, poverty – and their many associated demons.  So what does fellowship mean to someone who is living on the edge of society? What does it look like?

For the staff and volunteers at Ray of Hope, it means sitting down with someone and really getting to know them. For a person struggling with addiction and crime, their actions are just a symptom.  It takes real effort to get to the source cause and begin the real healing process.  For those who are struggling to find a job, it means exposing them to ideas and skills they may never have had the opportunity to learn.  And for someone who is street involved or having to make a choice between paying the rent and buying food, it’s the hospitality of a warm meal, and a place to sit and have a conversation with someone who really cares.

It’s people investing in people, inspiring hope and transforming lives.

Connect with Ray of Hope online or in person:facebook_32LinkedInYouTubemorning-glory


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