Guest post: Traverse Independence


Today is day nine of 12 Days for Good. Our theme today is hospitality: to welcome warmly and with kindness and generosity all who enter our door and are new to our community; and to share the gifts of our table. Our friends at Traverse Independence wrote the following piece.


Traverse Independence is a local organization that provides support services for adults with a physical disability or brain injury, always aiming to maximize those persons’ ability to live independently. The organization’s name refers to one of their basic commitments: to help those with acquired brain injuries and physical disabilities traverse the distance between where they are today and where they dream of being – independent and self sufficient. Volunteers play a huge role in the organization and have a tremendously positive impact on clients. Consider, for example, the following comments from Susan, one of our clients. Susan recommends without reservation the two volunteers who support her—her exercise assistant and her computer skills assistant.

Susan describes her computer assistant as “a sweetheart.” Susan said that her volunteer has helped her with her computer and her phone, teaching her such things such as how to make attachments on her emails, and how to take pictures on her computer.  “She is excellent at her job” Susan says, and adds “I would recommend her to be a computer teacher for a class.”

According to Susan her exercise assistant is “absolutely amazing” and “such a hard worker.”  She tells me that she loves her exercises and that she feels healthier because of them.  Her exercise assistant does leg exercises and arm exercises and stretches with her. She wished she had him as an assistant earlier because of how she has benefitted from his help.

They are both very reliable according to Susan, and she gladly recommends them to you.  “I want them to succeed because they helped me succeed” Susan stated with a smile.

Want to get involved in the good work Traverse Independence is doing? Visit them online.



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