Hunger Awareness Week – May 5-9 – Who’s Helping in Waterloo Region?


Today, we are pleased to share a post from Kate, at the Food Bank of Waterloo Region about Hunger Awareness Week.

On my visits to The House of Friendship Emergency Hamper program I am always surprised how many of our neighbours need help with food assistance. There is no one type of person who requires food assistance. My visits remind me that many members of our community of different ages, genders and backgrounds need the help of a healthy hamper.

This week, May 5th to 9th, marks Hunger Awareness Week.

Hunger Awareness Week is a week-long initiative that challenges Canadians to learn more about the issue of hunger, the important work of food banks and to take action.

Hunger Awareness Week presents an opportunity to share stories about the innovative, collaborative work that is taking place in Waterloo Region within the Food Assistance Network. The Network is a system of more than 100 community agencies and food programs, whose services support the basic needs of children, families, couples, individuals, and seniors—every day.

There is a unique story for each individual who accesses food assistance and the stories show that it can happen to anyone at any time. Job loss, poor investment, relationship breakdown, or unexpected illnesses do not discriminate and hunger has no season.

Thanks to generous community support and the hard work of agency staff and volunteers within the Food Assistance Network people have access to nutritious food no matter where they live. In Waterloo Region over 35,000 of our neighbours access food assistance each year from food hamper programs, like the House of Friendship Emergency Hamper Program, meal programs, emergency shelters, and rural outreach programs. Of those, 36% are children and youth. At the centre of this Food Network, where food is received and distributed to our community, are The Food Bank of Waterloo Region and the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank.

As the Food Assistance Network Coordinator, I am fortunate to work with these important programs. This Hunger Awareness Week I am sharing the stories of those in our community who passionately care about the issue of hunger.

I will be sharing videos (available here) throughout the week that tell the stories of who’s helping to address the solvable problem of hunger in our community each day on twitter (@FoodSupportKate). Please join me in learning more about the innovative programs being provided in our community to address hunger. See if you can guess where I will go next throughout the week!

I also encourage you to share your story and voice your support by visiting Food Bank Canada’s online story wall of hunger on their Facebook page right here. Together, we can make an impact on the solvable issue of hunger in our community.  To learn more about the Food Assistance Network please click on this link here.

I look forward to hearing your stories during #HungerWeek and encourage you to show your support for our neighbours year round.

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