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House of Friendship encourages you to vote for a poverty free Ontario

Politics is a thorny subject but an important one.  It consumes the public sphere (and perhaps the not so public sphere of your kitchen table) and love it or hate it, a very important day in politics is fast approaching: the Ontario General Election on Thursday June 12th.

The people I work with, often have strong opinions about politicians, parties and the tone of politics as it plays out in the news media and parliament.  Often, those opinions are formed from experience with a lot of government services.  They are complex, genuine and often involve the odd cuss word.  That’s because the people I meet each day have a lot to lose if someone cuts a few percentage points of funding out of a host of government provided services.

We will always encourage people to exercise their democratic right to vote, or to abstain from voting.  But election time is also a great time to talk to people about the role of constituency assistants, how to get things done in your community after the election, how to get help with government services and effective ways to advocate for yourself or others.  Not everyone realizes how enthusiastically your average politician embraces the concept of public service and how much pride they take in resolving the issues of the people who live in their riding.

In the coming days we will share a few pieces on this blog from people connected to or working at the House of Friendship on what politics and voting mean to them and the people they work with.  We will also share some of the opinions and comments that people who access our services have on the process and what they hope for the future of Ontario politics.  Join the conversation by hitting the comment button and remember, on election night, you’re the boss! Use your voice and decide who you want to give a seat to.

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