Dedication to Dignity #12daysforgood


12 days for good dignity

Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region (EAF) was extremely honoured to be asked to participate in the 12 Days for Good campaign. When given our theme, Dignity, we realized that this event was going to be a natural fit as to how we choose to walk along side those we support. To EAF staff, dignity is something we live and breathe. We choose to appreciate and honor the dignity of our neighbours, near and far. We do this via our I Choose Dignity movement, which personifies our wish to share with the community the wonderful skills and talents that the citizens we serve have and want to share. We want to come out of our homes, offices and other segregated spaces to walk with together with pride with all our fellow community members and say, “Here we are!  We want to contribute!  We are part of this community and we have a lot to offer!”

Here at EAF we hold three major events every year.  These events proclaim our dedication to dignity.

  • Our Count Me In rally is held every June and together we join in solidarity as we walk down King Street to City Hall to share our message of respect and appreciation of one another.
  • During our second event, the Inclusion Celebration, we acknowledge and honour local citizens who encourage, embrace and enact opportunities to include persons with disabilities.
  • Our third event is our Community Ball Hockey tournament. The neighbours in our area as well as others in our community are invited to come out for a day filled with friendly ball hockey, children’s activities, good food and live music. Everyone is welcome and it is a day during which people gather and get to know one another.

12 days for good EAFWR

In choosing dignity, we also make sure that all those who work/volunteer for EAF hold similar values and thus can be strong advocates for those we serve as well as being solid representatives for this organisation. To this end, all are required to complete the Inclusion Workshop. Exploration about personal values as well as organizational values is encouraged – what it means to be a person-centred advocate and how one appreciates the intrinsic value each of us holds, regardless of ability.

Find out more about the I Choose Dign!ty movement at You can also follow I Choose Dign!ty on Twitter, and Extend-A-Family on Twitter

When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make compromises << TWEET THIS

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