Come to Employment Standards Community Forum to Make Jobs Better and Fight Poverty


Traditional full-time jobs, the kind that come with a regular schedule and benefits, are increasingly being replaced by “precarious” jobs, which are part-time or on contract, unpredictably scheduled, and without benefits.

These facts are now commonplace, and many of us also understand that this is a real problem.

So, good news! We are in the midst of a major and unique opportunity for change. For the first time ever, through “The Changing Workplaces Review,” our provincial government is updating the Employment Standards Act and the Canadian Labour Relations Act. We can influence policy, now, before Review wraps up this fall, to improve jobs in Ontario and reduce poverty.

Not sure where to start? Come join us next Thursday, July 23rd, at the Employment Standards Community Forum that HoF is co-hosting with the Social Planning Council of Cambridge and North Dumfries.


One Response to “Come to Employment Standards Community Forum to Make Jobs Better and Fight Poverty”

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