You Say Zucchini, I say Courgette, and Darwin Says Cucurbita Pepo


[Khadija, Summer Special Projects Assistant at House of Friendship’s Emergency Food Hamper Program, wrote the following.]

Summer – aside from being the season for sticky popsicles and pool parties- is also a time for an abundance of produce at the farmer’s market. Like zucchini! Today I dig up some very worthy praise for this wonderful, and plentiful, vegetable.Zucchini is good for you, for many different sciencey reasons, including:

  1. It is low in cholesterol
  2. Some Vitamins in zucchini help lower blood pressure
  3. Vitamins C and A in Zucchini are key nutrients to maintain health
  4. High levels of magnesium and folate from zucchini reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke
  5. Zucchini also provides you with lutein and zeaxanthin- two phytonutrients which are needed for healthy eyesight!

Zucchinis in the lobby!

Zucchinis come in many shapes and sizes—most of ours come from a community farm in the GTA that grows vegetables for us and other food programs. At this time of year we distribute zucchinis through the window as an option for patrons. Because we often receive them in such massive quantities, we also usually end up sharing zucchinis in the front lobby with anyone who stops by.

So, how can you enjoy this super vegetable?! Zucchini pizza is currently all the rage for those of us on the go. But for those of us with more time on our hands we can now enjoy pizza without the carbs. What excites me even more is that you can combine chocolate and zucchini together to make pretty sweet muffins!

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