To Chard or Not to Chard, Is a Silly Question, Because of Course You Should Chard


[Khadija, Summer Special Projects Assistant at House of Friendship’s Emergency Food Hamper Program, wrote the following.]

Summer is winding down for most of us, yet it’s only starting for some veggies, like the bright and beautiful swiss chard that is every day riper and more delicious.  A relative to the beet, this wondrous green gets overshadowed by its popular neighbour, kale,  but it can still hold its own!


Here are a couple reasons why Chard is a nutritional powerhouse:

  1. Excellent source of dietary fiber and iron
  2. Helps to manage diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels in the body
  3. Contains many important nutrients to support general health and wellbeing
  4. Chard’s leaves contain significant amounts of calcium, magnesium and vitamin K, which means that it is a major boost for bone growth and development
  5. As a valuable source of potassium and vitamin K (both of which are found abundantly in the brain and are integral parts of boosting cognitive development and abilities) chard is a definite “brain booster“!

Like all of our food, chard comes to us by donation: from the same community farm, from grocery stores like Loblaws, and from other fertile ground in this Region. We distribute it through the front lobby because not a lot of people are familiar with it. We give away food in the lobby when it’s unusual because we want hampers to contain food that people will use–that they’re familiar with and comfortable preparing.



An uber quick and delicious way to add one of world’s healthiest foods in your diet is with your pasta and even as a zesty side salad. We’ve got tonight’s dinner figured out for you!

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