Ten Days Of Food Hampers At The Food Hamper Program: Part One


Today I am happy to share a post from Chloe, long time volunteer, and occasional intake worker!


Ever since I started volunteering here, it was obvious that a food hamper that a family receives one day will differ from what a family receives the next day. This is because of the variability of our donations. Even though there are foods we generally give out with every hamper, what specifically is included changes all the time. In this blog I will show a hamper a day for a two person family (near the average family size we serve of 2.4), over two weeks.

For each day I will mention the number of hampers distributed and any extras given out. I separated out “hamper” extras and “window” extras. The hamper extras are given as part of every hamper, but the patrons do not have to take the window extras. These items are put at the window if we have large quantities of them (like ears of corn or trays), or if they are a unique item.

The intent of this post is to show the variability of hampers over the space of a week vs another week, to illustrate the impact unexpected donations may have, and as luck would have it, the struggle involved to fairly distribute an unknown quantity of food to an unknown quantity of people.

Week of July 27th to 31st

Every day these items were given out: One kilogram of meat, five pounds of potatoes, one can of soup, one box of cereal, two boxes of Kraft Dinner, two cans of vegetables, one can of beans and sauce, one carton of juice, two packets of yogurt, one litre of milk, one box of crackers, two bags of bread, and some kind of dessert.


  • Hampers up to that point in the day: 65
  • Hamper extras: Eggs
  • Window extras: Squash and a box of mushrooms
  • Total Hamper Count: 89



  • Hampers up to that point in the day: 75
  • Hamper extras: One container of apple butter
  • Window extras: One box of mushrooms, corn, plantains
  • Total Hamper Count: 80



  • Hampers up to that point in the day: 43
  • Hamper extras: Lettuce, eggs
  • Window extras: Mushrooms, one bag of brussel sprouts, corn, ginger root, zucchini
  • Total Hamper Count: 81




  • Hampers up to that point in the day: 32
  • Hamper extras: Bananas, lettuce
  • Window extras: One cucumber tray, ginger root, four ears of corn, ten zucchinis
  • Total Hamper Count: 58



  • Hampers up to that point in the day: 38
  • Hamper extras: Bananas
  • Window extras: One cucumber tray, ginger root, two ears of corn, an infinite amount of zucchini
  • Total Hamper Count: 64



In conclusion

The photo’s speak for themselves I hope.  A donation of corn and mushrooms early in the week was supplemented by an unexpected pick up of some cucumbers from the Food Bank of Waterloo Region and a pick up zuchini and other vegetables from a long time supporter outside of town.

We started this week expecting it to be slow, but unfortunately, did not receive a lot of donations earlier in the week.  While we were able to provide some great food items in quantity, variety and versatility suffered.

Look for the second week, which provides another contrast to these five days, coming soon.


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