You will never regret being kind | Day 3 #12DaysforGood


Kindness HOF

~by Jen Kuhl

You will never regret being kind. It unravels happiness like a ball of yarn in your soul. Kindness, when shared, has an amazingly contagious and lasting effect. Picture a busy commute to work and you choose to motion for a car to merge in front of you. The driver waves and you feel goodness kindle. Perhaps that person arrives at work feeling just a little lighter and brings a coffee for a co-worker. The recipient of the coffee, warmed by the surprise gesture, decides to reach out to a friend that has been struggling. That friend in turn finds the courage to look for forgiveness in what before, felt shadowed with hopelessness. Like a food chain, that one initial and simple choice has spread out like watercolours.

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Kindness is a choice. People who are generous and show compassion aren’t “lucky”. Day by day, they make a conscious effort to step out of themselves and put someone else’s well being ahead of their own. Imagine a world where we all took a second to check ourselves and decided on selflessness more often. What a peaceful place our earth could be.

Our world is in dire need of hope and reconciliation and a sense of justice. We live in challenging times with many struggles and unrighteousness. 12daysforgood invites us to embrace the openness and spirit of the season. We crave to be more compassionate and well-intentioned. We think more inclusively, our hearts soften for the less fortunate and marginalized and we have hope for a more united world.

Waterloo Region is an incredibly caring and generous community. We are blessed with numerous organizations, agencies, faith communities and volunteers that embody the philanthropic spirit behind 12 days for good and actively model kindness and acceptance.

I aim to be the kind of person that has a soothing effect on the people around me. I am honoured to be a do-gooder for the 12days for good. May you find your hearts filled with simple good intentions for your fellow humankind and may we treat each other with dignity and grace.

Follow Jen’s good deeds through 12 Days for Good at @zenjenkuhl

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