Lifting our Community to New Heights | Day 8 of #12DaysforGood



-by Chris Martin of Leadership Waterloo Region

Leadership Waterloo Region aspires to be the definitive provider of leadership development opportunities in the region. Our unique experiential program challenges people to view their community through a different lens and foster connections with active and emerging leaders creating positive change.

The 12 Days for Good campaign speaks to us for two reasons: We exist to serve and strengthen the individuals in our community that go on to influence and inspire positive change; and, many of the leaders in this campaign have graduated our program.

Inspiring that change means placing our trust and confidence in the leaders that make Waterloo Region truly great. The graduates of our CORE program lift their own organizations and communities up to new heights.

They are on the front lines; they are at the forefront of leading change in our community every day. They are the busy professionals who take the part-time opportunity we provide to hone their leadership skills so when they return to their organizations they can apply what they’ve learned and inspire others. We have the utmost faith our 400-strong graduate leadership network.

Seeing the impact that people like Joseph Fung (LWR ’06), Craig Haney (LWR ’05) WRPS Chief Bryan Larkin (LWR Grad ’04), and Berry Vrbanovic (LWR Grad 01) make every day in the lives of the residents of Waterloo Region inspires us to continue our work.

The skills acquired from our part-time, 10-month program last a lifetime. The series of connected and focused workshops, delivered by world-class experts in their fields, are designed to develop leaders from all three sectors: business, social profit, and government. Our program is specifically designed for the busy professional!

We will continue to put our faith in the current and emerging leaders and change agents of the Waterloo Region as we look forward to working with the best and brightest your business wants to recognize, develop and retain.

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