Use your Do-Gooder energy to help someone Thrive | Day 10 of #12DaysforGood



Thriving is something we think a lot about at Supportive Housing. We provide shelter for 94 individuals on low income, who also benefit from the varied types of supports the buildings also offer. But we aim to provide much more than that- to not just espouse the language of Belong and Thrive, but to truly walk it every day. To live and breathe and truly BELIEVE that there is a better way to live than to merely survive. To believe that we have incredible potential as human beings: potential for creativity, for kindness, for support, for love.  And to believe that when our physical needs (food, shelter) AND our emotional/spiritual needs (community, belonging, being heard and supported) are met, we then have incredible potential to fully become our true selves and to gift the world (and ourselves!) with our presence.

We asked tenants in the buildings what THRIVING means to them and heard some great responses:

-Working together in community
-Going to take fresh air breaks and walks outside each day
-Being able to be fully myself, and to be happy
-Cultivating my creative side
-Acting with self-compassion so I can give myself a break!
-Learning to express myself, and to share that with the world
-Setting my day up in the morning to ensure the optimal success
-Thriving means moving forward…


“For me, Thriving has a lot to do with the space that I’m in- if you’re in a space where people don’t share the same ideas as you, about growth, and going forward- this can hinder your ability to thrive. So finding that community is essential.”

“I feel like I have been thriving this year, by taking care of myself and reaching beyond what I thought I was capable of before. I’m trying to better myself for my kids, so they have a better lead to follow than I did”…

Thriving means moving forward…

In thinking about spreading the theme of Thrive in the community, we all spoke about how important it is to identify what makes YOU thrive: what is it that you need in your life to really come alive and to thrive day to day? Take a few minutes to write that list out, and keep it somewhere nearby so you can be reminded of it often. Then, pay it forward! Use your Do-Gooder energy for the day to help someone else Thrive, or to remind someone of the importance of Thriving in their life.



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