Stand together to increase our impact | Day 11 of #12DaysforGood



Solidarity comes from a feeling of unity where individuals have a common interest and often band together to make social change. Over the past 3 years I have had the privilege of working with a host of amazing people from key organizations in our community to address the issue of support for children and youth who disclose sexual or physical abuse and assault either as victims or witnesses. We have learned together how prevalent this is in our community and about the needs of these kids and their families. We have learned together that we can do better collectively and collaboratively in supporting them than we can do as individual organizations. We have learned together how kids, their families, their future employers and their communities can be impacted for a lifetime because of childhood abuse.

We are just a few months away from opening a Child and Youth Advocacy Centre (CYAC) built on evidence based best practices. This Centre will provide seamless, coordinated support for more than 1000 kids under 18 who are victims or witnesses of physical or sexual assault or abuse and their families in one location. It will be a child and youth friendly, safe, comfortable and confidential place where dedicated professionals with child specific skills will investigate disclosures of assault and abuse and provide support to the kids and their families regardless of whether charges are laid.

The Partners standing together to help create this Centre in Waterloo Region include the Child Witness Centre, the Waterloo Region Police Service, Family and Children’s Services, the Crown Attorney’s Office, the Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centre (through St. Mary’s Hospital), Lutherwood and many other agencies in the community will be involved as well.

We believe that children and youth should be able to grow up in our community without the threat of abuse and violence and that while the Child and Youth Advocacy Centre will not eliminate the painful process that is the reality of being a child victim, it will help them and their family endure it and heal.

Standing together we will exponentially increase our collective impact with child victims and witnesses and shine a light on the issue of child abuse in our community.

Today I am asking you to stand with us, and be a part of making social change by supporting this work and challenging the social norms in our community that can cause us to turn a blind eye to the sexual and physical assault and abuse of kids.

To find out more, stay connected with us through our website and follow us on facebook 


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