Help Kids Be Curious, Active And Ready For Life


Today’s Blog post is from Kristi D. and her son Bastien.


Happy Canada Day! For many, it is the beginning of summer time adventures! Whether you see the fireworks July 1st, spend time with family and friends or go for the first camping trip of the season!

Like you, my family looks forward to summer and a change of pace.

 “It is fun to be at camp without the stress of everyday life.”     

–  Bastien, 11 year old camper

This is what summer camp is like for kids like my son Bastien. When he goes to camp he has a chance to focus on just being a kid. A chance to be curious, active, and ready to engage in the opportunities that life has to offer.

Thanks to gifts to House of Friendship’s (HOF) Summer Camp Sponsorship program, Bastien has been able to attend camp for the last four years! As his Mom, I’m thrilled that he’s had these wonderful opportunities to make new friends, try new things and to belong. This is his BIG adventure! When he comes back home he is a different kid – he matures so much each time he goes to summer camp! The lessons he learns are AMAZING!

But for our household summer camp is more than just a week of fun and friends.

Bastien has an older sister with autism and …well, life can be pretty stressful with her. As a single mother, it’s just Bastien, his sister and me. Summer camp is more than a fun place to go – it is a much needed break for my 11 year old. Camp is critical for Bastien. It allows him to have a break from the challenges and trials of home life.                       

The guidance and opportunities that Bastien receives at camp makes a difference to our whole family! I can teach him things, but the camp staff and caring counsellors make positive messages come alive! When he comes home, we have some of the best conversations ever as he shares every detail about his time at camp.

The lessons he has learned have an impact long after summer is done, benefiting the whole family!

Imagine, if you could provide even more ‘BIG adventures’ to kids like my Bastien!

It costs $650 to equip and send one child to camp. With money raised  through support for HOF’s Trek 4 KidsHike and Bike and other initiatives, HOF sends all those signed up waiting to go, or as many kids as they can afford.

Recently Trek 4 Kids Hike and Bike participants and supporters got 88 more kids-in-need closer to nature this summer. This is good news for campers and their families living on low income, but another 17 children are on the waiting list, and we may receive more requests.

Once all of the kids on the waiting list are off to camp, we will use any surplus funds to fill funding gaps in HOF’s community centre children’s programming. Your donation to ‘Summer Camp & More’ will ensure that children and youth at-risk continue to have positive, skill-building experiences beyond camp!

With the possibility of a work stoppage at Canada Post, HOF is more determined than ever to send kids-in-need to camp. That is why we’re reaching out today.

Please consider making your donation on-line at (simply click on the ‘Donate Now’ button on the Home page and select Summer Camp Sponsorship under Fund/Designation) or call Shelley at: 519-742-8327 x131 or drop off your donation at House of Friendship’s Admin Building, 51 Charles St. East, Kitchener ON. N2G 4R3

Today, please remember Bastien and other kids like him and let Bastien’s words inspire you to make a gift to ‘Summer Camp & More’ and YOU can be the start of many more BIG adventures this summer!

Did you know that if your donation is received on-line before June 30, it is eligible for the Great Canadian Giving Challenge . Give once, help twice and send your gift today!

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