Justice is Truth in Action and the Truth is children are our future | @caitlinquarry #12Days4Good


I am very passionate about Waterloo Region in so many ways! An issue impacting Waterloo Region that I seem to gravitate towards and am particularly passionate about is the way in which our community can assist our children in feeling included and supported. There’s the old saying “children are our future” and I firmly believe this to be true. For the strength of Waterloo Region’s future, we need to ensure our children are healthy, happy and confident and that has led me to be involved with our Region’s children in three different ways:

I have been a longtime supporter of Nutrition for Learning, as a donor, fundraiser, and workplace campaign coordinator, and what lead me to support this organization is that I know there are children coming to school hungry and as a result, they have an incredibly difficult time focusing and learning. It’s very difficult to try to learn new things when all you can think of is how hungry you are. Nutrition for Learning is inclusive in its approach – children aren’t singled out to take part in the program. It is open for anyone who may need or want a healthy snack and there is no discrimination as a result. I also try to promote the Food Bank of Waterloo Region whenever possible, through social media, through speaking at events or volunteering.

I have also supported Send ‘Em Off Smiling in previous years as a workplace campaign coordinator and as a donor. Send ‘Em Off Smiling allows children in need to go back to school in September with new clothes, shoes, school supplies and a backpack. For some students, these are the only new clothes or school supplies they will receive all year, and it helps them start the school year feeling good about themselves and prepared for the year ahead. 

Previously, I have been a volunteer with the Reading Buddy program at the Kitchener Public Library’s Central branch. We work with children whose parents or teachers have indicated they are behind their peers in reading ability or comprehension. We read together as a group and then head off with our Buddies to do some one-on-one reading before returning to the group to play a literary-focused game together. It’s wonderfully rewarding to see the improvement in reading skills and confidence as the program progresses. I’m always very proud of my little readers!

Helping to spread awareness of the organizations and programs available in our community, and the needs those organizations have is something in which I take great pride.


Today is the 3rd day of #12Days4Good and Caitlin Quarry is our Featured Do Gooder. You can learn more about Caitlin and today’s theme at www.12Days4Good.com

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