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Volunteer Spotlight: Oscar

December 17, 2010

For the last six years many people have received a food hamper thanks to the hamper packing skills of Oscar. Oscar is so dedicated to the idea of volunteering that his first shift here was on his birthday! You’d barely guess that he’s turning 72 years old this year, since he’s got the energy of a 20-year-old! In his time here he’s provided us with more than 1 600 hours of assistance, with almost 200 of those hours being this year alone! But Oscar does more than just pack hampers and keep busy in the warehouse; he also encourages his friends to come in to volunteer when he knows we’re short on help. He’s just an incredible help to our program and I hope you enjoy learning just a few facts about this wonderful volunteer! (more…)

Christmas Hampers in the news (some clarifications)

December 10, 2010

The only way that we as an organization can succeed is through the strength of the relationships we have with the community.  A recent Record Article (here) highlights the power of relationships and the positive change they can make on a local level through volunteering at the Christmas Hamper Program and helping out with the Rotary Club Turkey Drive.

As John, our Executive Director, points out in this video (here) someones’ loss affects us all because we are all connected.  As you can see, (here) the community is mobilizing to help make sure that everyone has some joy on Christmas day as the Christmas Hamper warehouse is now filled with food and volunteers packing hampers and getting ready to deliver them.

Reading the Record article may be a little confusing however.  Here are a few points that hopefully will clear up any questions you may have. (more…)

A Day in Santa’s Mailroom

December 9, 2010

Where tables and chairs were once left empty, the conference room at Charles Village is now full, festive and busy. Boxes marked “Food Only,” “Food and Toys,” and “Toys Only,” are collecting piles of applications, while employees and volunteers work to sort through more and more as they come with each new delivery of the mail.

This is a typical day at the Christmas Bureau which operates to coordinate all the people, food and toys that are involved with Christmas assistance. It’s the bureau that makes the Christmas Hamper Program such a success each year  (read an earlier blog post here for more info on the Program). Recently,  I had the opportunity to help at the bureau, sorting through applications and entering them into a database, and it was an awesome experience! I must admit that I felt a little like an elf in Santa’s mailroom as I sorted through the applications. (more…)