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Where did all the jobs go?

August 27, 2010

After five weeks, 120 surveys, countless conversations with patrons, and many, many, photocopies, Lianna and I finished the patron survey for the summer of 2010. It seems to be a victory for both of us at the first glance, but we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. What comes now is the daunting task of synthesizing all the data and information collected through the surveys, covering a wide variety of issues such as job security, government pensions, education, service quality at the food hamper program, and some household information.

In the beginning, I was struggling to come up with a specific topic to pull out of the survey and focus on for a blog post while reading through all the results. After an hour of pen-biting and bird-watching at my desk, I went to our program supervisor, Matt, for some advice, who also happens to be a master at MS Excel. With help from him, I realized that the issues of education and employment go hand in hand with one another, and thus, I’ve decided to use this opportunity to present and discuss some interesting results we found from the surveys concerning patrons’ education and their employment status. (more…)